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Rebounding is NOT the same as trampolining!
Rebounding provides stimulus for improving the cardiovascular system and is a good choice of exercise for individuals needing a weight bearing but low-impact activity.

The MaXimus Pro 1/4 fold Rebounder is one of our best sellers and comes with

  • storage/carry bag
  • stability handle bar
  • specially designed resistance bands
  • sand weights
  • a fantastic rebounding compilation DVD with workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of training.

This is a very comprehensive rebound health and fitness package that provides you with everything you need to make sure that you achieve the best results possible.

Our rebounder is extremely robust and will take a maximum weight limit of 130kgs.
It is built to a very high standard with super jumbo large springs to ensure a very low impact (research shows impact is reduced by approximately 87%) and a super resilient bounce.
The MPR (Maximus Pro Rebounder) is uniquely designed for easy set up and putting away and folds down in to a very small space making it the perfect piece of professional level equipment that can also be used as home exercise equipment.
It has spring loaded legs that take just seconds to put in place unlike conventional screw in legs.
The stability handle bar is useful for those who need a little extra help with balance whilst getting used to the equipment and will build confidence by providing extra security whilst bouncing.

The storage and carry bag make the rebounder very portable and is very popular with our fitness instructors and personal trainers.

The specially designed resistance bands have karabiner clips that attach to the rebounder securely allowing you to include some great toning and strengthening exercises to your workouts.
Using the sand weights will add extra resistance and help to tone the back, chest shoulders and arms whilst rebounding.
The motivating, fun and exciting rebounding compilation DVD provided will ensure the user rebounds safely and effectively ensuring maximum health and fitness benefits are achieved and that the participant gets the most out of their rebounding sessions.

There are progressive workouts for complete beginners, intermediate and very advanced levels.

The MPR comes with a full warranty and our team are always available to help and advise customers.

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